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Love my Ironing Board set up!

I love my ironing board set up! So happy I chose your product!

Janis Duckett

Convenient and hidden from sight!

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I absolutely love the convenience of my iron & board being in my closet & hidden from sight!

Arlene Andrew

Love my Iron A Way

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I love, love, love my Iron A Way. It is so convenient to iron now and I can open and close it with one hand. Everything is stored inside and it takes up no space in my laundry room. We have painted ours to match our wall. Thanks for a great product.

Krista Craley

No Need to go Downstairs to Iron

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master bathroom – no need to go downstairs to iron

Denyse Mackey

First item chosen before addition construction

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Haven’t been able to use it yet, but anxiously awaiting the completion of my new house addition which includes a new laundry room. Iron-a-way was the first item chosen before construction began.

Joy Starkey

Worth the Investment for the Convenience Alone!

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This is the second Iron-A-Way fold-up ironing board I have owned and it is a big upgrade from the previous board I had. It is a completely self-contained ironing system with a fold-up board that adjusts and swivels, has shelves to store supplies, a rod to hang clothes on, a plug for the iron, and a light that shines on the board. There is also an automatic shut-off timer so you can’t forget to turn the iron off. It is quick and easy to just fold the board down, grab the iron from the shelf, turn the timer, and quickly iron a blouse or pair of pants. Then you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool down. You just place the hot iron back on the shelf with the metal shield, flip up the board, and close the cabinet. It looks great, is out of the way, and is concealed when closed. The model I purchased has all the bells and whistles. It was a little pricey, for sure, but worth the investment for the convenience alone. I have been using it for almost 2 years now and love it as much today as when it was first installed. I expect I will be using it for many years to come.

Katherine Muller

Such a Game-Changer – Already Set and Ready to Go!

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I love the iron-a-way for its convenience and ease of use! It’s such a game-changer because you don’t have to fuss with pulling equipment from a closet and setting it up. You just open a door and pull the board down. The iron and other supplies are already set and ready to go.

Caroline McMahon

I Absolutely Love my Iron-A-Way!

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I absolutely love my Iron-A-Way. We stained the wood to match the newly designed laundry room I use. The timer/light helps to keep me moving along and use practical time to finish my weekly ironing. I love the convenience of the dropdown board and the way the board stores when not in use. My ironing board is movable to position in a way that I can easily iron and still wash and dry clothing. I just love it!

Elizabeth Veres

Still Working Great After 22 Years!

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I have had my Iron-A-Way for 22 years and it is still working great for me. I appreciate the auto-off feature. It is white to coordinate with the white woodwork in the bedroom it is in.

Rebecca Holt

Will Never Go Without One Again

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I was so happy when we moved into our house four years ago and discovered my Iron-A-Way! I had never had one before and I will never go without one again!

Monica Daniel

Perfect Fit for a Small Space

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Love it! Perfect fit for a small space.

Faye Johnson

I Use it Every Day

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I love my Iron A Way ironing board. I had one at my previous house for 20 years. Then I downsized to a smaller patio home. I missed my ironing board so much I figured out a way to install a new one in my laundry room. I used it every day. It is positioned so I can watch television while ironing.

Patricia Font

So Convenient and Easy to Use

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This iron-a-way is so convenient and easy to use item in the home, love it.

John Roberts

You Don’t Even Notice the Box on the Wall

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We have a narrow laundry room so we painted the ironing board box the same color as the wall. When you open the laundry room door, you don’t even notice the box on the wall.

Leslie England

I Use it Constantly to Look Sharp

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I love this ironing board. As an architect, I use it constantly to look sharp.

John DiMichele

Stores Beautifully Out of Sight

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I love the convenience of our Iron Away ironing board system. It’s so easy to use and stores beautifully out of sight.

Julie Sexton

Iron-A-Way is Quick and Easy!

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The Iron Away fit our needs perfectly. We hate having a regular ironing board to store and drag out for every ironing chore. The Iron Away is quick and easy. Perfect for a small laundry room. Nice looking too!

Jon Shelby

Installed it Ourselves in the Perfect Spot

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We installed it ourselves in the perfect spot, our dressing room.
Wow! It is so nice to have a fully functional ironing station that simply disappears after use. We love this product.

Ruth Harriman

Brilliant Design

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Brilliant design and works just as good as it looks!

Bruce Hiland

Key Part of our Bathroom Remodeling Project

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We love our Iron-A-Way! It’s a key part of our bathroom remodeling project. Recommended for anyone who appreciates out-of-the-way storage but instant access when needed.

Antone & Michelle Barboza

I Love my Iron-A-Way!

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I love my ironaway!

Connie Truhett

Plenty of Storage Space Inside

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I love my iron-away! I have a very small laundry room, and this is just perfect for grabbing the ironing board real quick. And I can quickly store it out of sight. It’s a very nice space-saving feature. There is also plenty of storage space inside to keep the iron, spray bottle, or anything else you use when ironing.

Teresa Tuck

It Works Like a Dream and We Love It!

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I love our iron-a-way! The iron-a-way was an Integral part of our laundry room remodel. We maximized efficient use of the space and our design was based around the iron-a-way. We now have a fully functioning laundry room/ pet room completed with built-in iron-a-way, doggie condos, stacking w/d, utility sink/doggie spa, broom closet, Dryer racks, and hanging racks, and more! The recessed iron-a-way is custom painted to match the cabinets and I added additional moulding/trim to finish out the look! It works like a dream and we love it!

Norm Mason

So Happy I Chose Iron-A-Way

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I love my ironing board setup! So happy I chose your product!

Janis Duckett

Outfitted our Home with Top of the Line Iron-A-Way

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Bought our 1987-built house two years ago. Outfitted with the top of the line, including our Iron-A-way!!

Susan Rainey

Included Without Taking Up Any Room!

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Our laundry is in our Master Closet, so it was nice to include your Ironing Board into the closet without taking up any room! It’s an awesome setup!

Jill Chapman

Perfect for Quilting Projects & Ironing Needs

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Absolutely love my Iron Away in the wall ironing board! It looks great in our bedroom & perfect for all my quilting projects & ironing needs.

Brandy Kelton

Built-in the Wall – So Easy

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Love my Iron a Way. Never have to put that cumbersome ironing board in your closet
Built-in the wall – so easy

Dottie Miner

Nice Device, Easy to Install

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Nice device, easy to install.

Bobby Garrett

I Love the Look and Convenience!

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Built my dream retirement home and designed each room two years ago. The carpenter had never installed one before. It was the first thing we planned for in the walls while it was being built. Everyone that comes here stands in amazement at my laundry room. Not one visitor had ever seen the Iron-A-Away! They love it. I had one for many years in my other home and had to have one in my new home. I love doing laundry and I spend time in the laundry room every day. One friend said she would put a rocker in there and stay all day. I love the look and convenience of my Iron-A-Way!

Karen Eggleton

Installed in the Sewing room to Sew and Press with Convenience

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This is my 3rd Iron-A-Way. My first was installed in the laundry room of the basement in an old house in St. Louis, MO. The second was in a 3000+ square foot house in a huge walk-in closet. My third and current one was installed in the sewing room of our beach home where my ancestors jealously observe that I sew and press with elegant convenience!

Colleen Hale

Technically Excellent

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Fits perfectly in our condo laundry room space! Also technically excellent. Easy to pull out & put away, timer for iron is age & efficient. Sufficient storage place for iron, wires & containers. Also, love the internal lighting.

Ellen Crystal

Great Product that’s Built to Last

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Purchased Iron-A-Way built-in Ironing Center on 12.23.2008 and installed in the hallway wall. Spoiled my wife who has greatly enjoyed the task of ironing for all of these years! No more dragging out an ironing board setting it up then folding it up again when done, she loves it. Great product that’s built to last…! Thanks

Kenneth Markut

Love this Compact Fold-Away Ironing Board

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Love this compact fold-away ironing board.

Vreni Jones

Very Convenient to Use in the Closet

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I love my Iron-A-Way ironing center. I inherited an old one with a wooden door when I purchased my home 22 years ago. I decided to upgrade to one with a mirrored door when I remodeled the master bath and closet. It’s very convenient to use it in the closet instead of the laundry room since my clothes can be easily ironed right before getting dressed.

Kathy Hauser

It is Terrific and is Used Daily

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My wife and I enclosed an outdoor deck to make it a wonderful laundry room. We have two washers and two dryers for two people! One of our priorities for the new laundry room was an ironing center. We ordered the Iron Away center and installed it. It is terrific and is used daily. Of course, if you have the ironing center you must have the perfect iron to fit. We also ordered the Maytag iron and it fits perfectly.

Jerry Johnson