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If You’re Ironing Without A Hide Away Ironing Board You’re Doing It Wrong

Man Without Hide Away Ironing Board

If you were to pull out your iron and ironing board, your children would likely ask, “What’s that?”

In today’s world of permanent press and polyester, ironing may be viewed as a dying art. In reality, many people resort to putting their clothes into the dryer time and time again in a desperate attempt to get the wrinkles out of their dress shirt or favorite pair of pants. Not only does this process waste time, but it also uses significant amounts of energy to avoid doing a simple chore. So, why do we do it?

In the Olden Days…

The process of pressing clothes flat dates back thousands of years ago when the Chinese people would use iron pans filled with hot coals to get rid of wrinkles in the fabric. During the early 20th century, clothes would be dipped in starch solutions, hung out to dry, and then ironed the next day in the week-long laundry process. With the introduction of polyester in clothing in the 1950’s clothing companies began combining cotton with the material to create fabric that never wrinkled, and never needed to be ironed. Gone were the days of spending hours in front of a creaky ironing board, using an electric steam iron to press your clothing. As time went on, the task of ironing fell by the wayside as a dying art with many people choosing, instead, to purchase clothing that would not require ironing or simply taking their shirts to the dry cleaner for laundering.

The Resurgence of Cotton

Over the last decade, with more and more Americans choosing to purchase clothing made from natural, sustainable fabric, the need for ironing has begun its resurgence in this country. In our busy lives, many people are reluctant to bring out the screechy ironing board, plug in an iron, and wait for it to heat to iron one or two pieces of clothing. Instead, they either choose to wear it wrinkled or persist in using the dryer as a pseudo-heat press, wasting tremendous amounts of energy in the process. The solution to the time and energy conundrum may be as simple as having the right tools and a dedicated space to do the job.

While many households already have an iron, adding a hide away ironing board to your space is the key. Iron-A-Way hide away ironing boards are easy to install, stylish solutions to the ironing conundrum. With two sizes, optional swivel function, and optional power timer, ironing is easier than ever. You will never search for a place to put your squeaky ironing board again. These beautiful ironing centers are designed to fold away while safely storing your hot iron after you use it. With unfinished door fronts, they can also be painted or stained to match your existing cabinetry, creating a seamless look in any room of your home. Why rely on the same ironing board your grandmother used? For more information on hide away ironing board options, visit Iron-A-Way.