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1.  First time users, if you want to understand the differences in models, choose the guided questionnaire found at the left. answer just a few focused questions and we will recommend a model to fit your needs. 

2.  Once you have decided on the model you want, it's important to download and review the specifications. You may discover there are installation constraints and a better model may fit into the desired location. 

If you are determined to own a specific model, then explore alternate locations to install the center within your home. 

Your research and planning will provide your builder or remodeler with a simple and cost effective installation and provide you with adequate space for ironing.  Your decision to incorporate a built-in ironing center will manage space, add convenience, and achieve the results you want with less effort.

By researching information found throughout this website, you will be provided with answers to most built-in ironing board questions, choose a built-in ironing board that best fits your needs, be referred to a dealer nearest you, or order your choice online. After browsing the website, should any additional questions arise, please contact us.

IRON-A-WAY's built-in ironing centers are professionally designed to meet the homeowner's needs.  Included in every wall mounted ironing center are the most premium set of features that provide ease and comfort when ironing.

IRON-A-WAY Built-in Ironing Centers. All Iron-A-Way ironing board product information you may require can be found throughout this IRON-A-WAY official company website.

In today's busy lifestyles, the demand for innovative durable products has helped make many homes function more efficiently and with less effort. IRON-A-WAY's built-in ironing centers are expertly crafted to provide innovative features neatly tucked out of sight. The ironing centers are built with unmatched qualities and performance proven features that has not only improved ironing convenience, but has redefined the old fashion way of ironing.

Our hide-away ironing boards eliminate the drudgery of ironing clothes the old fashioned way. You know when you must find space to setup the ironing board. Then you proceed to look for the iron and a convenient electrical outlet. The outlet is never convenient, so you move the board into a cluttered area not suitable for ironing and just make due. This is not only displeasing, but a dangerous situation as well!  You've ironed your first garment and ready for the next.  Well, I guess I can go take time to hang it up in the closet because there certainly isn't anywhere to hang it where I'm at.  Now you're finally finished ironing and you must take time to fold up the ironing board and put it back into its storage location. "Oh dear, I must leave it up so the iron can cool."  I then proceed to forewarn all those who might be in contact to be aware:  "hot iron cooling."  A day later the board and iron are put away because you actually forgot you left it standing.  Why wouldn't this situation pose as an unpleasant chore for most homeowners?

The old fashioned way of ironing becomes redefined when you own an IRON-A-WAY built-in ironing center.  All you need to do it just open the door, lower the board, and you're ready. It's that easy! Once you've installed an IRON-A-WAY built-in ironing center you'll understand our reputation of turning the old fashioned way of ironing into a built-in convenience.

When you begin using all the features within the ironing center, you'll quickly understand why the task of ironing just became a lot easier.  You certainly will question why you hadn't added this amenity to your home a long time ago. 

To help you make the best decision on which Iron-A-Way ironing board model best suits your needs and help you envision the added convenience of ironing for many years to come, please choose the guided questionnaire found at the top left corner.

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If you're on a budget and you have a nearby easily accessible electrical outlet, the non-electrical Model NE-342 is the perfect choice.
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