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Designing your dream home? Planning out your next remodel project? Running out of space? With the installation of a built-in or wall-mounted ironing center, those square footage constraints are no longer a worry. Not only will an ironing center free up space, but it’s conveniently tucked away and out of sight until you are ready to use it!

With an over 60 year history of quality built-in ironing centers, we continue to make customer needs our priority. Our product line continues to evolve as a result of those needs, and our customers consistently return to purchase new units for their new home/remodel because of that success.

Choosing the right model has never been easier!

You’ll find that our model coding system is straight-forward and customer-oriented, so ordering a unit to meet your exact needs is a simple as 1-2-3!

1. Do you want a swivel or non-swiveling ironing board? All standard model codes beginning with an “A” will house an adjustable swivel board.

2. Do you want to plug in your iron within the cabinet? Model codes containing an “E” represent a direct "Electrical" hook-up within the cabinet.  Model codes containing “NE” means there is "No Electrical" hook-up within the cabinet, requiring a nearby outlet.

3. What size ironing board length would you prefer? 42” or 46”? The “42” or “46” defines the length of the board in inches.

Putting these three steps together, you can easily build the model that is just right for you. For example: looking for an electrical unit with a 46” adjustable swivel board? You’d be looking at an AE-46 (A= adjustable swivel, E = electrical, 46 = board size). How about a non-electrical unit with a 42” board? That’d be an NE-42 (NE = Non-Electric, 42=board size).

Once you have decided on the model you want, it's important to download and review the specifications. You may discover there are installation constraints and a better model may fit into the desired location. Otherwise, explore alternate locations to install the center within your home. 

Your research and planning will provide your builder or remodeler with a simple and cost effective installation, and provide you with adequate space for ironing. 

Don’t have an installer for your unit? Click here to learn about third-party installation services through Velexo.

Rest assured, your decision to incorporate a built-in ironing center will manage space, add convenience, and achieve the results you want with less effort.  When you begin using all the features within the ironing center, you'll quickly understand why the task of ironing just became a lot easier.  You certainly will question why you hadn't added this amenity to your home a long time ago.

By researching information found throughout this website, you will be provided with:

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  • Be referred to a dealer nearest you
  • Or, order online

After browsing the website, should any additional questions arise, please contact us.