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What is the size of the hot iron storage shelf?


When purchasing a premium, built-in ironing center, ensuring your iron fits well is a top concern for most customers and rightly so. That’s why the ironing centers presently on our website are designed to fit most modern irons on the market today. Still, we recognize as irons continue to change in shape and size, there isn’t an across the board guarantee that an iron will fit and guidance is needed.

Ensuring a fit is all about the SHAPE of the iron and less about the size.

Irons that are widest at the front and sleeker towards the back have the best track record of fitting well.


The hot iron storage area provides a shelf that is 7 1/2″ wide, 12 1/2″ high, and 4 3/8″ deep. Because of the narrow tip of the ironing board that rests near the top of the cabinet, there is a 2″ wide space on the right side of the shelf that allows for a wider iron. This maximizes the space needed for your iron and creates an overall depth of 5 5/8″.


Irons that are widest at the sole plate can utilize this space well.  The top view angle above shows the usable hot iron storage space and helps visualize the space for the iron. Irons that are narrower towards the back generally fit well in the storage area.

Recommended Irons:

Though often requested, we simply are unable to list all the specific irons that fit into our ironing center’s  hot iron storage area. Retail irons available today are made by manufacturers who continue to change the shape and size. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the fit of a specific iron or provide a list.

Presently, we sell a Maytag iron that continues to fit well in our cabinets.

Irons for Older Models:

Ironing centers purchased prior to 2014 do not feature this premium sized hot iron storage shelf. For these cabinets, we often recommend a compact, household iron.