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What is the Difference Between Models AE-42 & UD-42?


Looking at the features of the AE-42 and the UD-42, the two share a lot in common, so it’s easy to see why people often confuse the two. But when you look at the features and the designed use, they soon become different.

The AE-42 is a part of our 42” board collection, designed for regular everyday ironing. But the UD-42 is a Specialty Model that is ADA compliant and designed to meet universal design reach requirements and can be utilized in a seated or standing position.

Let’s break out the similarities and differences.


SIMILAR: Swivel, Electric, Board Size

There are quite a few features that are similar about the models:

  • Adjustable Swivel
  • Electrical Hook-Up
  • 42-inch board length

DIFFERENT: Cabinet Size, Flexibility, Hot Iron Storage

Though they have similar features, these models are actually used and constructed in different ways.

  • Electrical: The AE-42 has a Motor Timer, while the UD-42 has an On/Off Switch. The electrical raceway/channel is also opposite on these models
  • Cabinet Size: The AE-42 has a 52″ cabinet and the UD-42 has a 60″ cabinet
  • Hot Iron Storage: Both feature upper hot iron storage, but the UD-42 also includes lower hot iron storage

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