My Iron Won’t Fit

Recognizing the importance of hot iron storage to our customers, we have specially designed our ironing centers to accommodate the storage of higher quality premium-sized irons. Presently, all models of ironing centers listed for purchase on this website have the storage capacity to house a large variety of irons currently sold today.

Some older models are not always able to provide storage for the ever-changing irons of today’s market. Though irons may appear the same in dimension, many vary in structure and shape, preventing a workable fit in these older models. In some cases, the premium steam/iron we offer here on our site fits well. But for others, we typically recommend smaller household irons.

A common issue with irons not fitting is that the iron is not stored properly on the shelf. Before exploring a smaller iron, ensure that your iron is placed on the top shelf of ironing center with the sole plate facing the inside right, as shown in the image.

As a note, irons are not meant to be stored on any other shelf than the designated hot iron storage shelf at the top of the ironing center.