Worth the Investment for the Convenience Alone! - Iron-A-Way

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Worth the Investment for the Convenience Alone!

This is the second Iron-A-Way fold-up ironing board I have owned and it is a big upgrade from the previous board I had. It is a completely self-contained ironing system with a fold-up board that adjusts and swivels, has shelves to store supplies, a rod to hang clothes on, a plug for the iron, and a light that shines on the board. There is also an automatic shut-off timer so you can’t forget to turn the iron off. It is quick and easy to just fold the board down, grab the iron from the shelf, turn the timer, and quickly iron a blouse or pair of pants. Then you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool down. You just place the hot iron back on the shelf with the metal shield, flip up the board, and close the cabinet. It looks great, is out of the way, and is concealed when closed. The model I purchased has all the bells and whistles. It was a little pricey, for sure, but worth the investment for the convenience alone. I have been using it for almost 2 years now and love it as much today as when it was first installed. I expect I will be using it for many years to come.