Replacement Parts

Ironing is one household task that is so much easier when you have the proper equipment to do it with! When you are struggling for room or trying to keep your clean and freshly pressed garments from falling on the floor, the simple task of ironing turns into one big headache. Our built-in ironing boards offer a convenient, space-saving place for you to do your ironing and keep your iron and its accessories.

Our adjustable ironing board feature is easy to use and folds into the storage cabinet -- which also includes a cooling shelf for your iron, electrical controls and more. Our built-in ironing boards have a swivel board option, so you have all the maneuverability you need for precision ironing.

While our products are engineered to be extremely durable, sometimes things get damaged. If that happens, then we want you to know that we have an inventory of built in ironing board replacement parts that can get your ironing center back in business in no time.

Most of the parts inside of your built-in ironing board center are replaceable, so you don't have to worry about not being able to get your ironing done. We carry replacement parts for the snap-in lamp holder and all of the electrical components. If your ironing board gets damaged, we offer replacement ironing boards and covers, the swivel mechanism and the hinge assemblies. We also can send you replacement doors and the hardware for it.

Whatever you need, simply click on your built-in ironing board's model number to view the replacement parts that are available for that model. With our easy online ordering process, you'll soon have your built in ironing board cabinet back to normal and making your clothes look great!

Replacement Parts

Click below to view a parts diagram in .pdf format for your specific model!

Models a part of the Traditional Line or purchased prior to 2012, please click here for more information or call our customer service line for information on replacement parts at 1-800-536-9495.

NOTE: All replacement parts are intended for Iron-A-Way models only. These parts will not work properly in custom made cabinets or other brands of built-in ironing centers. You are responsible for shipping on all returned parts and a 30% restocking fee does apply. If you are uncertain which parts to order and want to avoid fees stated above, please call 1-800-536-9495 prior to placing your online order. Our representatives will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct parts for repair.