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Naval Locker

Members of the military and cruise ship crew members are required to keep their uniforms clean and ironed at all times. But this can be a hard task when you’re living on board a ship in tight quarters. There are also a number of safety issues when it comes to using an iron on board a ship, where you may not only be dealing with lack of space but also with rough seas. Our high-quality naval locker can solve these problems and help you pass inspection in your perfectly ironed uniform. This iron center locker provides a durable place for your fold-up ironing board and other accessories. These sturdy lockers meet Naval engineering specifications and make ironing easy and safe and can be installed directly into the bulkhead to create a safe space for all your garment ironing needs. The naval locker comes with an adjustable ironing board covered in silicone with thick padding, and there is a hot iron storage space. The automatic disconnect switch adds an extra layer of safety. The naval locker also has an adjustable spotlight to help you do a great job, and there is a direct wired steam/dry iron. With a key lock, you can be sure that your iron and built-in ironing board will remain safely stowed until you need them again. Our durable naval locker is ready for installation to help members of the military or cruise ship crews with their ironing needs in a way that meets or exceeds Nava specifications. Call us for available pricing today!


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Standard Features:

For bulkhead installation on ships or use in military quarters or institutions where extra heavy duty indestructible equipment is a prerequisite. The 18 gauge steel is designed to meet or exceed Naval specifications for strength, rigidity, and meets Grade “B” Shock Test as defined in MIL-S-991.


  • Hot iron storage
  • 46” adjustable ventilated metal ironing board
  • Electrical features
  • Direct wired steam and dry iron
  • Automatic disconnect switch
  • Adjustable spotlight
  • Silicone treated cover and thick cotton pad
  • Heavy 18 gauge metal cabinet
  • Fully assembled and ready for installation