Product Accessories

Our Iron-A-Way products will help you get organized so it's more convenient to handle your garment care needs! Our built-in ironing center make clothing care so easy: All you need to do is install our easy to use built in ironing board and you're on your way to wrinkle-free clothing with ease.

Accessories like garment bar assembly kits and electrical cord wraps make it even easier to keep your ironing supplies and freshly ironed garments organized.

We have numerous accessories that will help you install and use your built-in ironing center. Irons can get hot, but we provide a hot iron rest assembly kit that lets you put your iron down safely. It's perfect for areas without sturdy surfaces to put things down on, and it provides more workspace on your ironing board. There's no need to worry about burning a countertop when you've got our iron rest next to you!

Our electrical cord wrap features a safe way to use just the right amount of cord as you complete your ironing tasks. This accessory is a great way to increase efficiency when you iron. We also offer a garment bar assembly to hang on the door of your ironing center. It's a great way to keep clothes clean and wrinkle-free after they've been ironed.

Every successful Iron-A-Way setup begins with the right installation. To assist with your ironing center installation in new construction or a remodel project, we offer the ironing center rough-in kit. This template attaches to the bare studs of your wall and helps leave a hole when putting in the drywall. We also offer one of the best irons on the market for use with your ironing center.

Get the most out of your Iron-A-Way built-in ironing center with our helpful accessories! Shop with us today.