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1/31 You can have your own custom door by removing the standard birch door and adding your own.
2/1 Pressing costs between $3 to $5 per garment. At about 5 outfits per week can add up to $25 or more or $1300 per year. By investing one time in a quality built-in ironing center and ironing your own clothes, the product is paid for within six months and you will save dramatically on future dry cleaning expenses. This is not to mention gas and the inconvenience of dropping and picking up your garments.
2/2 Don't think about where you typically iron now. Keep an open mind on where to install an ironing center. There are many alternate places in your home this amenity can be utilized.
2/3 An ironing board at the wrong height can create tention according to ancient Chinese philosophy. To determine the accurate height, stand at the ironing board and extend your arms down, flat palms on the surface. If you can do this without bending your elbows, the board is at the correct height. The wrong height can cause tension in the back and neck muscles.
2/4 An adjustable ironing board height helps prevent back strain so you won't have to bend over when ironing.
2/5 With an IRON-A-WAY Built-In Ironing Center, the iron can be put away hot - no need for a cool down.
2/6 You can add sprigs of lavender to your ironing water for a fresher scent.
2/7 Did you know that the useable space for ironing is greater on an IRON-A-WAY 42" or 46" ironing board than on a standard stand-up ironing board?
2/8 Did you know the wrinkle free fabric loses their wrinkle free characteristics over time. To revive fabric, its sometimes necessary to spray with Faultless Spray Starch and iron with a steam iron.
2/9 Due to the leg support needed for a stand-up ironing board, the useable space for ironing is considered to be 36". You can only pull a garment as far as the leg support. Since there is no leg support to the floor on an IRON-A-WAY, the useable space is greater that a stand-up ironing board.