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1/21 Consumers are always looking for products that gives added value to their homes. For just a small price, there's not a better built-in convenience that will remain for the life of the home.
1/22 If you're iron sizzles when applied to your garment, then lower the heat setting.
1/23 Just open the door, lower the board, and you're ready! It's that simple.
1/24 You should never, ever iron in circular strokes. This causes you to stretch the fabric. Iron lengthwise and level those ridges with a burst of steam.
1/25 Don't settle for an imitation, you'll only be disappointed. Make sure when your builder or remodeler installs your built-in ironing center, it's no other brand than IRON-A-WAY. Our IRON-A-WAY logo can be found inside every unit we produce.
1/26 Cuffs look sharp by ironing the inside first, then work the outside.
1/27 The heat resistant iron rest provides more ironing space when making garment adjustments.
1/28 For a first impression for a job interview, expertly ironed clothes are an absolute must.
1/29 If you're on a budget and you have a nearby easily accessible electrical outlet, the non-electrical Model NE-342 is the perfect choice.
1/30 Did you know the most frequently pressed garment was jeans?