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3/31 For a first impression for a job interview, expertly ironed clothes are an absolute must.
4/1 Did you know that starch can help you keep cool when it's warm. Starched clothing allows more air to pass through it, keeping the person wearing it cooler.
4/2 Quick spray starch can be made at home by slowly adding 1 Tbls. Cornstarch to 2 cups water. Stir until the starch is dissolved. Pour into a clean spray bottle and spray fabrics lighting when ironing.
4/3 All IRON-A-WAY models are pre-assembled and ready to install. This means an easy installation for you.
4/4 Did you know that the useable space for ironing is greater on an IRON-A-WAY 42" or 46" ironing board than on a standard stand-up ironing board?
4/5 The heat resistant iron rest provides more ironing space when making garment adjustments.
4/6 You're sure to impress and feel your clothes look their best, when time and care are taken to iron them.
4/7 A typical ironing board height is 34" to 36" from the floor. Knowing this will help you decide where to cut the opening from the floor when reading the specification chart.
4/8 An adjustable ironing board height helps prevent back strain so you won't have to bend over when ironing.
4/9 You can have your own custom door by removing the standard birch door and adding your own.