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TOOLS NEEDED:  1/4" Nut Driver or Flathead Screw Driver, Drill (Electric Recommended), 1/8" Drill Bit, Small Level

Electrical:  All electrical work must be done in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.

Step 1

Turn off power at service entrance before installing, wiring, or servicing this product.

Step 2

Open the electrical channel and separate the top and bottom from each other.

Step 3

Place the bottom of the electrical channel approximately 1/4" from the left side of the cabinet and 1" from the top left corner of the cabinet.

Step 4

Align the lower set of screw holes in the channel with the wooden cross-members (cleats) within the cabinet.  (Recommend predrilling cleats with 1/8" drill bit.

Step 5

Using the screws provided attach the bottom of the raceway to the cabinet by installing two screws into the upper cleat using the lower set of predrilled openings in the raceway.

Step 6

Using the small level make sure raceway bottom is plumb.  Now install only one screw into the left bottom set of screw holes.

Step 7

Using the top electrical channel attach the green grounding wire to the remaining right screw hole on the bottom of the electrical channel with the screw and star washer provided.  The star washer must be used to provide a good ground to the metal electrical channel.

Step 8

Safety Caution:  Make certain that the star washer is pinched between the electrical channel and the terminal on the grounding wire.  Starwasher should break the paint surface when tightened.

At this point the bottom of the electrical channel is seure and attached to the cabinet.


Step 9

Pigtails are provided and are located in the lower part of the electrical raceway for hookup to the supply line.  Supply line enters through the vent hole in the top left side of the ironing center cabinet.  Then through electrical knockout provided in top of electrical channel.

Step 10

Once you have connected all power supply, secure the top of the elecxtrical channel by installing a hex screw at the top of the raceway.  Secure bottom hex screw of the raceway found behind the electrical outlet.


Spotlight uses a 30 R 20 bulb which can be found at any local store where light bulbs are sold.