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TOOLS NEEDED:  1/4" Nut Driver or Flathead Screwdriver, 1/2" Wrench, Nut Driver or Socket, Wire Strippers or Cutters, Electrical Tape (Optional)

CONTENTS:  (2) 7" Black Wire w/flag terminal, (2) Red wire nut, and (1) 30-Minute Timer w/dial

Note:  For easier installation of your replacement timer, completely remove the electrical cover from the attached electrical raceway.  This is completed by disconnecting the ground wire, spotlight (optional - you may not have this feature), and the main electrical supply wire. 

Carefully examine how these are wired as you will need to reconnect these wires prior to re-installing your electrical cover.

Step 1

Shut off power at service entrance before rewiring or servicing this product.

Step 2

Open electrical panel by removing the hex screw found at the top and bottom of the raceway. 

Step 3

Remove timer knob by gently prying it off the timer shaft using a flathead screwdrive.  Then using a nut driver, loosen and remove nut from threaded timer shaft.


Step 4

Before you can remove the old timer, loosen the two screws holding the timer in place and remove all terminal wires.

Step 5

You will need to clip each terminal from the black wires for the pilot light, the elctrical outlet, spotlight (if you have that feature,) and the long black wire from the cut-off switch.

Step 6

Strip 1/2" of insulation off each of these wires.

Note:  You may notice that your replacemwnt timer looks completely different from your old timer.  Your original timer is no longer being produced.  The timer provided is its replacement direct from the manufacturer.

Step 7

Install new timer with terminals pointing toward the electrical outlet.

Step 8

Install the new timer dial showing the "0" position towards pilot light on front of panel and screw timer nut on threaded shaft.  Push timer knob back onto timer shaft.

Step 9

Push the 7" black wires with flag terminals that were included in the contents onto each post of the new timer.

Step 10

Connect the long black wire from the cut-off switch to the 7" black wire on the left post by placing stripped ends together and twisting wire nut on end of these two wires.  Make sure wire nut is tight and secure.

Step 11

Place a piece of electrical tape around the ends of the black wires of the pilot light, electrical outlet, and spotlight (if you have this feature) to the 7" black wire on the right terminal.  Connect together by twisting a wire nut on ends of the wires.  make sure wire nut is tight and secure.


Step 12

Before returning the electrical cover to the raceway you will need to reconnect the ground wire, spotlight wire (if you have this feature), and the main electrical power supply wire.  Being careful not to pinch any wires, place the electrical cover back onto the raceway.

Replace screws removed in Step 2 in top and bottom of raceway.  Restore power to unit.