How do I decide what height to install my ironing center? - Iron-A-Way

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How do I decide what height to install my ironing center?

Mounting Height Title

You’ve just received your brand new Iron-A-Way ironing center and you’re ready to install it and show it off to your friends! Except you have one problem — you have no idea what height to install it?

Determining this can seem overwhelming, but in fact, it just requires a simple equation.

Desired Ironing Board Height – X = Mounting Height (hint: you don’t need to solve for X)

In the example above, X stands for the difference between the ironing board and the bottom of the cabinet.

Desired Ironing Board Height

46″ Models: Desired Board Height -13″ = Mounting Height

When installing one of our 46″ ironing centers (AE-46, E-46, ANE-46, NE-46), the difference is 13″.

Determine your desired ironing board height from the floor; the height you feel most comfortable ironing at. For most people, this is 36″. Subtract 11″ to find your mounting or installation height of 25″.

42″ Models: Desired Board Height – 8″ = Mounting Height

On a 42″ board, the difference is 8″. Find your desired ironing board height and then subtract 8″ to find the mounting height needed to achieve that height.

For the IAW-42 and the UD-42 we recommend consulting the installation manual for further info.