"The power is always on" - Iron-A-Way

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You have just installed your built-in ironing center and noticed that the power is always on, even without flipping the on/off switch or turning the timer dial. This is usually an issue with how the ironing center was wired into your home’s main power.

Follow the diagnostic questions below and call our technical support at 1-800-536-9495 with the answers to these questions for further instruction.

Do not attempt to access or re-wire the ironing center’s electric unless you are a trained electrician.

Diagnostic Questions

  1. When pressing the Safety Disconnect Switch near the bottom of the raceway, does the power turn off?
  2. Can the power be turned off with the timer?

If the power cannot be turned off with the Safety Disconnect Switch or the Timer, the unit was likely wired wrong when installed in the wall and needs to be addressed. Please call us for information at 1-800-536-9495 and DO NOT ATTEMPT to access wiring on your own.

If the timer can turn the power off, the Safety Disconnect Switch is likely faulty. Please call us at 1-800-536-9495 to order a replacement. If the unit is less than a year old, this may be covered under warranty.