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How to troubleshoot an uneven ironing board

There is nothing more discouraging when trying to iron than an ironing board that is not level. If you’ve noticed your ironing board titling down inside your Iron-A-Way ironing center’ or you’ve just installed your new ironing center and noticed the board is titling down, check out these troubleshooting steps to help diagnose the issue.

Please note these troubleshooting instructions are for non-swivel models only. If you are having issues with a swivel model, please call our technical support at 1-800-536-9495.

Check the Axle Rod Placement

If your ironing board has been removed from the cabinet for any reason during repair or installation, it may be that the axle rod is in the wrong hole of the ironing board. This is the rod that runs horizontal from one side wall of the cabinet to other and supports the ironing board as it runs through the back end of your board.  Your ironing board has two holes in the blunt end and if this rod is in the wrong hole, it can cause the board to tilt downward.

For the majority of our ironing centers, the rod should be in the second hold from the back of the board. If you the model IAW-42, the rod will need to be in the first hole from the back.

Check the placement of your axle on your ironing board. If it’s in the wrong hole, you will need to move it to the correct hole. This can be done by first separating the single or double telescoping leg from the ironing board by removing the bracket on the ironing board. Once removed, set the leg aside. Remove one side wall bracket to free the board and axle rod from the cabinet. Move the axle rod to the proper location and then repeat these steps to re-attach your ironing board. 

Axel Rod Location
Axel Rod Location

Is the support leg’s insert missing?

Your non-swivel ironing center has either a single or double telescoping leg that supports the board at an angle from the bottom of the cabinet. This support is made up of three parts which are important to note before proceeding:

  1. Female Leg: Hollow rod that connects to the underneath side of the ironing board
  2. Male Leg: The solid rod that is connected at the bottom of the ironing center cabinet and interlocks inside the female leg.
  3. Insert: In order for the leg to support the board properly, there is an insert inside the female leg that acts as stopper for the male leg, allowing the board to lay flat. If this is missing, the board will tilt downward.
Single Leg Insert
Single Leg Insert
Double Leg Inserts
Double Leg Insert

If the board was recently removed from your ironing center for repair or during installation, the insert may be missing from inside. If this is a new ironing center, it may also be that the insert was missed during the manufacturing process.

Check to ensure you have an insert inside your double or single leg support.

To check this, place the board in the upright position inside the cabinet.

With a screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the bracket over your single or double leg. This will allow you to separate the male and female leg. When separated, metal insert(s) should fall out, one per leg.

These will be 2-3” in length for 42” models, and 8-9” in length for 46” models. If nothing falls out, try tapping the female leg gently on a hard surface.

If no inserts come out, it is likely that they were lost OR missed in the assembly process in our facility. Please call us at 1-800-536-9495 to order a new insert. Be sure to have the model number ready when your call. This can be located near the timer or on/off switch for electric models, or directly below the shelf on non-electric models.

Damaged Support Leg

On older ironing centers, the double or single female support leg can be damaged, causing the board to tilt downward. This happens over time if the board is not gently guided down and allowed to fall each time is it lowered. The impact of that drop can oftentimes damage the support leg

To check for this damage, place the ironing board upright in the cabinet, held by the retainer bar. The female leg is attached to the ironing board with a metal bracket (two if a double leg). Compare the tip of that leg to the images below to determine if your female leg is damaged.

If your female leg matches the damaged picture, please call us at 1-800-536-9495 to order a replacement support leg.

Correct Female Leg
Correct Female Leg
Damaged Female Leg
Damaged Female Leg

Further troubleshooting

If your board is still titling downward or one of the troubleshooting tips above did not provide an answer, please call our technical customer service for more assistance at 1-800-536-9495. Be sure to have the model number ready when your call. This can be located near the timer or on/off switch for electric models, or directly below the shelf on non-electric models.