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General Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my order to arrive?

All of our units are custom-made in house and generally take up to 3 business days to complete. From there, standard shipping with UPS ground is 3-5 business days.

How do we get replacement cover and pads?

Ironing Board Cover and Paid is a standard feature on all units. Replacement cover and pads can be obtained directly from IRON-A-WAY. In fact, you can order online right now!

Otherwise, you can order by phone, fax, e-mail or by completing and returning the re-order form included with each unit.

If we don’t order the swivel now, can we get it later?

The swivel is not a retrofit item. Since it utilizes more interior space due to its rugged undercarriage, the frame on a swivel cabinet is deeper than cabinets without swivels. For this reason, swivels must be ordered at the time of purchase and cannot be added later. Where applicable, all other options available on the ironing centers can be added after the original purchase.

Can we order the ironing center without a door?

“No Door” option is one of the available options. If selected, the unit will arrive without a door allowing you to match custom cabinetry. When this option is selected the piano hinge and door hardware is not included with the unit. This is done so you can match hardware with your cabinetry.

Does the door come prefinished?

All wood doors come unfinished so you can customize your unit to match the room décor. Interior has been painted a cool gray saving you hours of unnecessary finishing time.(NE-242 with white flat door comes standard with white interior and exterior color.)

What are the door dimensions?

Door dimensions for all models except the A-46 and AL-42 are 15” W X 47 7/8”. The Model A-46 and AL-42 door dimensions are 15" X 60 5/8”.

Can the door be hinged on the left side?

Yes, all units may be ordered with a left-hand hinge at no additional charge. All units come standard with a right-hand hinge. (As you face the unit the hinge is on the right-hand side of the cabinet.)

Will it hold all irons?

The hot iron storage area is designed to hold the majority of all major brands of irons with the exception of very large, specialty irons designed for the sewing industry.

What is the warranty?

One-Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty covers all defective parts returned to factory for replacement, other than light bulbs, installed units, finished or stained doors, ironing board cover and pad. The warranty does not include labor for installation or replacement.

Can the board swivel before it is lowered completely into the ironing position?

No, the board must be completely lowered before the board can be swiveled.

Is the white colored door a paintable surface?

The white flat door is melamine. The white raised panel is a thermofoil. Both are a finished surface not intended for paint.