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Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Do the ironing centers fit between the studs?

All models, except the NE-242 (surface mount), are designed to fit between standard 2” x 4” studs on 16” centers.

Can the ironing center be installed at any height?

One of the benefits of owning an ironing center is you can have it installed at your desired ironing board height. However, most ironing centers seem to be installed with a 34” – 35” ironing board height.

Are the ironing centers difficult to install?

The ironing center is very easy to install. The product basically requires identifying the desired location, cutting and removing the drywall, slipping the unit between the studs and attaching it with the installation screws provided. All units are pre-assembled and ready to install.

Are the electrical models hard to wire?

Electrical models are pre-wired so they only need to be pigtailed with the incoming electrical wire. The pigtails are located at the bottom of the electrical raceway. All electrical work must be done in accordance with all applicable electrical codes. Electrical models utilize 15 AMPS.

Where does the electrical wiring enter the ironing center?

The electrical models contain a raceway that has an knock-out for entry of the house's electrical wire at the top of the raceway.

Can the ironing center be recessed into a cabinet rather than in a wall?

The ironing center can be recessed into a cabinet. Since your cabinet will have the door, you simply purchase your ironing center without a door. However, the door dimension for the model of your choice is very important since it determines the opening size requirement for your cabinet. An added tip for this type of installation is to purchase the surface mount trim and add it to the ironing center prior to installation in the cabinet.

The surface mount package trims out the sides of the ironing center so they are flush on all four sides. This will make the installation into the cabinet easier and quicker. (Please contact us for electrical wire placement if you choose to install an electrical model into your cabinet.)

Is the wood on the cabinet frame that extends into the room when recessed or the entire cabinet when surface mounted pre-finished?

The exterior of our cabinets, as well as our doors, are unfinished so that you can stain or paint to match your décor.

Do most homes stain the cabinet frame to match the door or do they match the cabinet frame to the wall?

This is really a matter of choice but it would be typical that the cabinet frame matches the ironing center door.

Can I make my ironing center flush with a wall or cabinet?

You can make your ironing center flush with the wall or the cabinet provided that the depth of the wall or cabinet is equal to the depth of the ironing center. Irons by themselves require more depth than a typical 2"x4" wall so unless you customize the installation, the ironing center will extend into the room some distance.

Can the ironing center be installed into metal studs?

This type of installation can be completed, but you will need to use mounting screws designed for use with metal studs. Additionally, given the design of metal studs, in your rough-in opening, one stud will need to be trimmed out with a piece of wood to fill the cavity designed in the bend of the metal stud.

Do all the units have to be recessed?

With the exception of the NE-242, all cabinets are designed to be recessed mounted. However, all models can be surface mounted. When doing so, we recommend adding the surface mount trim package (except on the NE-242) so your cabinet sides are flush with the cabinet frame.