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How to Iron Dress Shirt Sleeves Properly

Iron Dress Shirt Sleeve

To crease or not to crease, that is the question. The popularity of natural fabrics and the need to look polished and presentable in certain situations has prompted a resurgence in ironing amongst the general American population. While sheets, dresses, pants, and skirts are finding their way to the ironing board, dress shirts are still one […]

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What is the Difference Between Models AE-42 & UD-42?


Looking at the features of the AE-42 and the UD-42, the two share a lot in common, so it’s easy to see why people often confuse the two. But when you look at the features and the designed use, they soon become different. The AE-42 is a part of our 42” board collection, designed for […]

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Our Response to COVID-19 Outbreak


UPDATED: 5/21/21 Thank you for your interest in our products. Our facilities remain open at this time, but lead times are extended. Orders are expected to ship 3-5 days after the order is placed. Once shipped, orders may take 3-5 business days to arrive.  Customer service is available to respond to your questions during normal […]

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What is the size of the hot iron storage shelf?


When purchasing a premium, built-in ironing center, ensuring your iron fits well is a top concern for most customers and rightly so. That’s why the ironing centers presently on our website are designed to fit most modern irons on the market today. Still, we recognize as irons continue to change in shape and size, there […]

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How do I decide what height to install my ironing center?

Mounting Height Title

You’ve just received your brand new Iron-A-Way ironing center and you’re ready to install it and show it off to your friends! Except you have one problem — you have no idea what height to install it? Determining this can seem overwhelming, but in fact, it just requires a simple equation. Desired Ironing Board Height […]

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3 Ways a Folding Ironing Board Will Change the Way You do Laundry


For many people, the thought of adding ironing to your laundry routine is almost too much to bear. In reality, a folding ironing board can change the way you think about laundry as a whole, making the job (dare we say it) almost enjoyable. 1. Folding ironing boards give everything a home Psychologists agree that […]

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