Our Company

For more than 60 years, IRON-A-WAY has been manufacturing built-in ironing centers.

Getting our start in the commercial market, we began selling coin-operated ironing centers in 1956. Ironing centers themselves claim origins as early as the 1920’s, where they were found in homes, often constructed by contractors. In 1925, millwork distributors offered dealers a direct product, which represented the beginning of the ironing center industry. Our founders caught onto this need and that’s where our commercial units began. These were unique machines that provided a predetermined amount of electricity to the unit based upon the coin inserted.

Overtime, the product line became widely acceptable for use in the residential market. And soon we began to develop our product line by incorporating innovative features to redefine and surpass the old fashion way of ironing. One revision was increasing the length of the ironing board from 36” to 42”. In fact, this 42” size has become the industry standard.

By 1973, the Aristocrat of Ironing Centers (Model A-46) debuted at the National Association of Home Builders Tradeshow in Houston, Texas. Its 46” adjustable ironing board with timer controlled electricity was the first of its kind and became the standard by which all built-in ironing boards were compared. Throughout the remaining years of that decade, demand continued to grow.
As many dealers pioneered our product line with high-end appliances, it wasn’t long before our built-in ironing centers were industry preferred.

By the 1980’s, demand for our product reached a meaningful level and throughout the 1990’s, we continued to grow by educating architects, builders, and consumers in an effort to widen distribution. The 2000’s conveyed the incredible growth of the internet and formal construction of our website.

In recent years, we have concentrated our efforts on consumer feedback. And in 2015, we introduced a more simplified product line implementing what consumers have recommended. This new line addressed many point of purchase concerns while also upgrading and expanding upon current features.

Though we continue to evolve and grow, one thing remains the same. Each and every ironing center is still custom made in Morton, Illinois, and we continue to stand committed to our customers in producing a top quality product for years to come!