46 Inch Boards

Model Number Key

  • A Adjustable swivel ironing board
  • NE Non-Electric unit, requiring nearby outlet
  • E Electrical raceway inside cabinet
  • 46 The size of the ironing board

It can be hard to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and looking great when you don’t have space for a traditional ironing board. Standard ironing boards are often large and hard to use when you don’t have room to spread your garments out. We have a solution to this problem. Our built-in ironing boards are perfect for creating an efficient clothing station.

These 46-inch boards are durable, large enough to let you iron your longest maxi dresses or slacks with ease and made to last. The adjustable swivel feature helps you maneuver the ironing board so it’s easier to work with.

These units are a real space-saver that makes beautifully ironed clothes possible. You can also choose either the Electric or Non-Electric option. Included with the Electric option are electrical features an outlet, timer, and a host of safety features. The Non-Electric models are perfect for locations where a nearby outlet is available. These built-in ironing centers also include a hot iron rest to ensure that you have a safe place to set the iron down while you reposition the garment. And a hot iron storage area to easily store the iron when finished.

Our fold-down built-in ironing boards and their cabinets are made from high quality material that is engineered to last the life of your home. You can choose the color and finish of the cabinet door, whether to have a mirror on the door, and which side you’d like the hinges to be on, or you can choose the “No Door” option to to install your own custom door!

We also offer optional features like a rough-in template for for use in new construction when down to bare studs, a surface mount kit for wall mounting, and a premium Maytag steam iron if you need an upgrade to your existing appliance.

Our 46-inch built in ironing board units will save you time and help to organize your space. It’s easy to keep your clothes looking great when you have a self-contained foldable ironing board in your home!