42 Inch Boards

Model Number Key

  • A Adjustable swivel ironing board
  • NE Non-Electric unit, requiring nearby outlet
  • E Electrical raceway inside cabinet
  • 42 The size of the ironing board

Do you find yourself avoiding clothes that need to be ironed because it’s too inconvenient to set up the ironing board, but you miss the look of crisply pressed clothes? Maybe you don’t have enough space for a regular-sized ironing board, or you don’t have an organized area to do your garment care.

Sometimes the whole process of taking out the ironing board and clearing a space for the clothing that needs to be ironed is just too cumbersome. Whether it’s a lack of space or a lack of time, our built-in ironing boards are the solution.

Our 42-inch built in ironing board cabinet contains a deluxe length ironing board, place to store your iron (not included with purchase), and accessories, secured inside a built in ironing center that conveniently folds up into the wall when it isn’t in use. The ironing board has the option to be adjustable and comes with a sturdy cover. When you want to do your ironing all you have to do is fold it down, and you’re ready to work! To make ironing even easier, there is a swivel option.

You can choose between an electric or non-electric built in cabinet. The electric option gives you the ability to plug your iron directly into the cabinet for an efficient way to iron. Use the hot iron shelf when you need to put it down for a moment while you rearrange your garments.

Our built-in ironing board cabinets are made from high quality poplar wood and made to be sturdy and long-lasting. They save space, look great in your home and help make the task of ironing a lot easier. s.

Shop with us today for 42-inch built-in ironing boards that make it easier to look your best!