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3 Ways a Folding Ironing Board Will Change the Way You do Laundry


For many people, the thought of adding ironing to your laundry routine is almost too much to bear. In reality, a folding ironing board can change the way you think about laundry as a whole, making the job (dare we say it) almost enjoyable.

1. Folding ironing boards give everything a home

Psychologists agree that a clutter-free environment helps you perform daily tasks more efficiently because the tools to accomplish them are within easy reach. In many homes, the laundry room is the last bastion for lost socks, unused hangers, empty boxes, and dryer lint. Now, imagine having a laundry space that allows you to do the tasks associated with it, without sorting through clutter or digging through cupboards or closets. Folding ironing boards not only provide easy access to the  retractable ironing board itself but also serves as a station for the entire process of ironing clothes. From a heat-resistant compartment for the iron to shelving for various spray bottles and starches, a wall-mounted folding ironing board gives everything a household needs in a convenient, ready-to-paint or stain box. Some even come with built-in electrical outlets with timers for additional safety.

2. A folding ironing board makes it easier to do your laundry from start to finish

Remember the last time you brought out the iron? Once you found your iron, did you bring out the squeaky tabletop ironing board too or did you fold a towel on your kitchen counter and call it good? For many people, the worst part about ironing is not the ironing itself, but the process of getting ready to iron. Imagine having your spray bottles, iron and ironing board all in one easy-to-access place. Now, imagine that folding ironing board has a heat resistant compartment for your hot iron. Suddenly you don’t have to wait for your iron to cool down before you can drag everything back to the basement until the next time you are desperate enough to pull it out again.

3. Space is not an issue

Standard ironing boards are capable of moving in two directions – up and down. Long, awkward to set up and even more awkward to store it, these contraptions are too cumbersome for standard laundry rooms, forcing the process of ironing into another space. On the other hand, folding ironing boards come in a variety of sizes and, more importantly, some models can swivel to create an ironing surface ideal for any space. Rather than having to find an area with an outlet and making several trips to and from the laundry room to iron, ironing can happen in the laundry room without having to tote a cumbersome board to another room.

Whether you are pressing napkins for your next dinner party or your favorite shirt for work, the process of ironing no longer has to be cumbersome and taxing. For more information on folding ironing boards or how to purchase on for yourself, contact us today!