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3/11 A right hand hinge means when you face the unit, the hinge is installed on the right-hand side of the cabinet.
3/12 A "No Door" option allows you to match your custom cabinetry. Remember the piano hinge and door hardware is not included when this option is selected.
3/13 It's safe to use sizing or spray starch on a garment as long as it is labeled "machine washable."
3/14 You can add sprigs of lavender to your ironing water for a fresher scent.
3/15 To avoid flattening embroidery, iron them facedown on a thick towel.
3/16 You can have your own custom door by removing the standard birch door and adding your own.
3/17 You should never, ever iron in circular strokes. This causes you to stretch the fabric. Iron lengthwise and level those ridges with a burst of steam.
3/18 An ironing board at the wrong height can create tention according to ancient Chinese philosophy. To determine the accurate height, stand at the ironing board and extend your arms down, flat palms on the surface. If you can do this without bending your elbows, the board is at the correct height. The wrong height can cause tension in the back and neck muscles.
3/19 All ironing centers except the NE-242 are designed to fit between 2" x 4" studs on 16" center, but you can surface mount all units.
3/20 Steam ironing removes creases faster than dry ironing because when fabrics are damp the fibers are open so the creases haven't taken hold.