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1/11 All wood doors come unfinished so you can customize your unit to match any room decor.
1/12 You're sure to impress and feel your clothes look their best, when time and care are taken to iron them.
1/13 Always check specifications prior to ordering. You want to make sure you can lower the board completely and you're able to iron comfortably.
1/14 An IRON-A-WAY ironing board will never tip over or collapse as you iron.
1/15 All units come standard with a right-hand hinge, but you can request a left-hand hinge at no additional charge.
1/16 The ventilated metal board provides adequate ventilation for the steam to pass through the fabric. This keeps the surface drier and provides a more even-heated ironing surface.
1/17 A right hand hinge means when you face the unit, the hinge is installed on the right-hand side of the cabinet.
1/18 The spotlight allows you to spot creases and crevices not found when ironing garments in insufficiently lit areas.
1/19 All ironing centers except the NE-242 are designed to fit between 2" x 4" studs on 16" center, but you can surface mount all units.
1/20 To reduce wrinkles, spray starch on the underside of your garment and roll the clothing up to allow the fabric to absorb the moisture before ironing.