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4/30 For a first impression for a job interview, expertly ironed clothes are an absolute must.
5/1 Did you know that starch can help you keep cool when it's warm. Starched clothing allows more air to pass through it, keeping the person wearing it cooler.
5/2 An ironing board at the wrong height can create tention according to ancient Chinese philosophy. To determine the accurate height, stand at the ironing board and extend your arms down, flat palms on the surface. If you can do this without bending your elbows, the board is at the correct height. The wrong height can cause tension in the back and neck muscles.
5/3 Did you know the most frequently pressed garment was jeans?
5/4 You should never, ever iron in circular strokes. This causes you to stretch the fabric. Iron lengthwise and level those ridges with a burst of steam.
5/5 Always check specifications prior to ordering. You want to make sure you can lower the board completely and you're able to iron comfortably.
5/6 Cuffs look sharp by ironing the inside first, then work the outside.
5/7 The heat resistant iron rest provides more ironing space when making garment adjustments.
5/8 Did you know that the useable space for ironing is greater on an IRON-A-WAY 42" or 46" ironing board than on a standard stand-up ironing board?
5/9 The swivel board allows you to use both ends of the board. Using the narrow end for the collar, cuffs, and shoulder and then switching to the wide end to iron large pieces of a men's shirt really presents just as nice as the cleaners and much cheaper.