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Purchase A Replacement Cover & Pad

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Cover & Pad

  • As long as you have an IRON-A-WAY ironing center, this cover and pad set will fit all models
  • Cover Content: Cotton/Polyester blend w/Silicone coating, Dimensions 17” x 55”
  • Pad Content: Polyester/Cotton blend, Dimensions 14” x 52”
  • Coating provides ideal surface where iron will move easily and wrinkles are removed quickly and evenly.
  • Cover & Pad Set fits all IRON-A-WAY models
  • Adjustable drawstring for a snug fit around ironing board
  • Cover stays tight after continuous use
  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

We give you a price break for ordering multiple Covers and Pads. The first set is $29, but any additional Cover & Pad sets ordered today is $22.

Shipping method: US Post Office – Allow 5-7 days for delivery if only ordering replacement cover and pad.
Price includes shipping in the continental US

If purchasing more than 1 you can get all of your Cover & Pads after the first 1 at a $7.00 discount

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Pressing costs between $3 to $5 per garment. At about 5 outfits per week can add up to $25 or more or $1300 per year. By investing one time in a quality built-in ironing center and ironing your own clothes, the product is paid for within six months and you will save dramatically on future dry cleaning expenses. This is not to mention gas and the inconvenience of dropping and picking up your garments.
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