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Replacing a Non-Swivel Board Cover & Pad

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Note: Before removing your existing cover and pad, raise your ironing board and examine how your cover and pad is currently installed. This will be helpful when installing your replacement cover and pad.

Step 1

Remove the old cover and pad by cutting the strings underneath the back of the board on both sides.

Step 2

Leave the board in the ironing position. Place the new pad on the board extending the edges slightly over the tapered end of the ironing board.

Step 3

Now place the cover on top of the pad and extend the edges of the cover approximately 1 ½” over the new pad.

Step 4

Place your hand on the nose of the board while slightly pulling one drawstring at a time in order to partially secure the cover around the nose of the board.

Step 5

Before final tightening of your cover and pad, for a 42” board you will need to fold underneath approximately 6” of excess cover underneath the pad.

Step 6

Once folded underneath, place hand over the tapered end of the board to keep the cover and pad in place while raising the board back into the cabinet.

Step 7

Thread the ends of each drawstring starting from the inside of the pad and cover and using the middle set of eyelets for a 42” board or use the bottom set of eyelets for a 46” board. Pull the string through each eyelet.

Step 8

While firmly holding your hand over the nose of the ironing board to keep the cover and pad in place with one hand, tighten the drawstring on one side by pulling snuggly.

Step 9

Shown in the image below, thread the drawstring through the eyelet found on the outside edge of the cover. Going from the inside to the outside.

Step 10

Now bring the string underneath creating a loop and place end through the loop.

Pull tight to finish the knot. Repeat this step to double the knot.

Step 11

Let’s move to the other side. This time you will pull the drawstring slowly and very tight.

Step 12

Pull the excess drawstring through the lower eyelet. Continue repeating the pull process. By adjusting a few times you are tightening up around the entire perimeter of the board.

Step 13

Now repeat Step 9 through 11 and cut the excess string off each side.

You're Done!

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