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Guided Questionnaire


8am – 4:30pm CT Mon-Fri


TOOLS NEEDED:  Phillips Screwdriver, Small Flat Head Screwdriver, Drill (Electric Recommended)

Step 1

Open the cabinet door and lower the board.  Remove the two lower screws on each side of the ironing board bracket.  Gently pivot the entire board assembly up and out of the cabinet about 4".


Step 2

Gently pry the ironing board bracket from the lower swivel board axle rod.  Place the spring on the axle rod.  Insert the axle rod back into the ironing board bracket.


Note:  Repeat Step 2 for the opposite side.

Step 3

Pivoit the entire board assembly back into the cabinet with the L shape of the spring going underneath the ironing board bracket in the slot provided. 


Step 4

This may require the use of a putty knife on one side to move the spring into the slotted area.

Step 5

Replace the two lower screws back into each side of the ironing board bracket.

Step 6

The springs need to be cocked into position.  Place the end of the flat head screwdriver in the U shape of the spring.  Pull down and bring the U shape on the spring around the load support bar of the ironing center.

Note:  Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Step 7

The retainer bar is no longer needed.  Remove and fill the holes with the putty provided in your kit.

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