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Guided Questionnaire


8am – 4:30pm CT Mon-Fri


TOOLS NEEDED:  Drill (Electric Recommended), Phillips Head Screwdriver, 5/64" Drill Bit, Utility Knife

                 Recommended to have two set of hands if attaching to an                         installed ironing center.

Step 1

If ordered with your ironing center, the mirror is shipped in a separate carton.  Remove both the mirror and the ironing center from the cartons and inspect for any shipping damages.  After inspection, remove mirror brackets and screws located in the end pack of the mirror box.

Note:  Recommended to paint or stain the door and all exterior sides before installation of the mirror.


Step 2

Lay mirror on top of door.  Mirror brackets slip over each end of the mirror.  Holes will lay against bottom of door (not on mirror) so screws can be applied into the wood of the door.


Step 3

Optional - Predrill a pilot hole into each screw hole using the 5/64" drill bit (recommended.) 

Step 4

Drive small wood screws provided into each hole located on each bracket.

Step 5

Remove protective tape from brackets if unit has already been installed, otherwise remove once installed.

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Pressing costs between $3 to $5 per garment. At about 5 outfits per week can add up to $25 or more or $1300 per year. By investing one time in a quality built-in ironing center and ironing your own clothes, the product is paid for within six months and you will save dramatically on future dry cleaning expenses. This is not to mention gas and the inconvenience of dropping and picking up your garments.
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