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Guided Questionnaire


8am – 4:30pm CT Mon-Fri


TOOLS NEEDED:  1/4" Nut Driver or Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1

Shut off power at service entrance before servicing this product.

Step 2

Open electrical panel by removing the hex screw found at the top of the raceway.

Step 3

Remove bottom hex screw of the raceway found behind the electrical outlet.

Step 4

Remove cover of electrical raceway.

Step 5

Once inside raceway, there will be two connectors.  Remove the connector from top terminal of the old switch.

Step 6

Next, remove the bottom connector from the old switch.

Step 7

Depress the locking springs on old switch and pop switch out through rectangular hole of raceway.

Step 8

Now put the new switch in by coming through the front of the raceway into the rectangular hole with the two terminals pointing towards top of the raceway.

Step 9

Replace the connector onto the bottom terminal of the new switch using the wire connected to the on/off switch.

Step 10

Replace the connector onto the top terminal of the new switch using the wire connected to your power source.

Replace screws on top and bottom of raceway.  Restore power to unit.

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The swivel board allows you to use both ends of the board. Using the narrow end for the collar, cuffs, and shoulder and then switching to the wide end to iron large pieces of a men's shirt really presents just as nice as the cleaners and much cheaper.
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