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TOOLS NEEDED:  1/4" Nut Driver or Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Pliers (Optional)

Note:  For easier installation of your replacement timer, completely remove the electrical cover from the attached electrical raceway.  This is completed by disconnecting the ground wire, and the main electrical supply wire.

Carefully examine how these are wired as you will need to reconnect these wires prior to re-installing your electrical cover.

Step 1

Shut off power at service entrance before rewiring or servicing this product.

Step 2

Open electrical panel by removing the hex screw found at the top of the raceway.  Next remove the hex screw found at the bottom of the raceway located behind the electrical outlet.


Step 3

Note:  You will need to remove the wires from the back of the timer in the following sequence.  Terminals may require extra force when removing.  Pliers maybe helpful.

Remove the black wire from the disconnect switch marked "Hot" by pulling on the terminal shown in the below image.

Step 4

Remove the white pigtail wire marked "AT2" by pulling on light blue terminal.

Step 5

Remove both black wires from the pilot light marked "neon light."  Remove "AT3" first then remove "AT5" by pulling on red terminals.

Step 6

Next remove the wires from the electrical outlet marked "Plug."  Remove the black wire "AT7" by pulling on clear terminal.

Step 7

Them remove the white wire "AT8" by pulling on other clear terminal.

Step 8

Lastly, remove the wires from the spotlight marked "Light."  Remove the black wire "AT4" by pulling on aqua green terminal.

Step 9

Then remove the white wire "AT6" by pulling on other aqua green terminal.

Step 10

Once all the wires are removed from the timer, push gently on the back to pop the timer out of the raceway.

Step 11

Note:  Before you install the new timer, please take note that the top slot must be carefully inserted.

Step 12

And you must be careful not to break off the bottom tabs or the digital timer will fail to work properly.

Step 13

Install new timer by inserting the top slot in first and then pressing on the bottom face until the bottom tabs snap into place.

Hold timer in place and reconnect the wires in the same sequence you removed the wires.  Starting with Step 3 above and ending with Step 9.  Return electrical cover making sure no wires are pinched.  Replace hex head screws in top and bottom of raceway.  Restore power to unit.