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TOOLS NEEDED:  1/4" Nut Driver or Flathead Screwdriver & Phillips Screwdriver

NOTE:  For easier installation of your replacement timer, completely remove the electrical cover from the attached electrical raceway.  This is completed by disconnecting the ground wire, spotlight (optional - you may not have this feature), and the main electrical supply wire. Carefully examine how these are wired as you will need to reconnect these wires prior to re-installing your electrical cover.

Step 1

Shut off power at service entrance before rewiring or servicing this product. Before you remove the electrical panel, it will be easier to remove the timer knob. Gently pry the knob off using a flathead screwdriver.




Step 2

Open the electrical panel by removing the hex screw found at the top of the raceway.  Remove bottom hex screw of the raceway found behind the electrical outlet.




Step 3

Remove the two 40 3/16" Phillips head screws found where the timer knob was removed.

Step 4

Turn the raceway over and lift the old timer out.  Remove the flag connector from #1 terminal on old timer.

Step 5

Remove old flag connector from #3 terminal on old timer.

Step 6

Unscrew wire nut on bundle of white wires by twisting wire nut counter-clockwise.

Step 7

Completely remove the oldtimer by pulling the black wire from the taped bundle.

Step 8

Using the new timer, begin reconnecting wires.  Return long black wire with the flag connector by pushing onto terminal #1.

Step 9

Return the short black wire by pushing the flag connector onto terminal #3.

Step 10

Place factory installed remaining old black wire from bottom of new timer flush with the stripped ends of the white wire bundle.

Step 11

Replace wire nut by screwing clockwise with downward pressure (make sure all wires are snug and cap is secured tight.)

Step 12

Place shaft of new timer through hole in raceway with the three terminals on top pointing towards lamp holder in top of raceway.

Step 13

Turn raceway back over and screw the two 40 x 3 1/16" Phillips head screws on front of raceway (snug but do not over tighten.)  You may need to align screwholes before inserting screws.  Then replace timer knob on new timer by gently pushing onto shaft of timer.

Final Step

Before returning the electrical cover to the raceway you will need to reconnect the ground wire, spotlight (if you have one), and the main electrical power supply wire.  Being careful not to pinch any wires, place the electrical cover back onto the raceway. 

Replace hex head screws in top and bottom of raceway.  Restore power to unit.