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Contemporary Line with Increased Hot Iron Storage

IRON-A-WAY Built-in Ironing Centers

Irons keep evolving in size and shape.

Keeping up with the growing trends on the market today, we are proud to offer our Contemporary line of ironing centers which features an increased hot iron storage. 
IRON-A-WAY's complete product line was reviewed from top to bottom in order to improve our product offering to our customers.  A common issue we have encountered over the years is irons continuously evolve in size and shape.  In the past year we discovered a growing number of irons would fit into the 60" cabinet, but would not fit into the 48" cabinet.  We know this causes aggravation for the customer when deciding on a new iron.  The overall review resulted in significant change and improvement to our complete product line.  Not only has the hot iron storage area increased, but has been standardized between all the new models. 
NOTE:  Due to the increased size of the hot iron storage area to accommodate a greater number of irons being sold in the market today, all 42" ironing board cabinets in our contemporary line are now 52" in overall height.

IRON-A-WAY Built-in Ironing Centers

The Contemporary line's hot iron storage is designed to hold the majority of all major brands of irons with the exception of very large, specialty irons. You will notice the hot iron storage shelf dimensions are 9 1/4" L x 4 1/16" W, height is 12 1/2". Shown here is the Rowenta Focus (Model DW5080.)  The overall height of this iron is 11 in. x 4.9 in. x 6 in., and fits into all of our models.  If you plan to purchase an iron, it's important to be aware of the molding design. 

Traditional Line: If you have an ironing center from our Traditional product line with a 42" ironing board, please note that the cabinet size does not accommodate the oversized irons on the market today. However, most household sized irons fit well into these cabinets. For our customer's convenience, we offer a Maytag M800 Steam/Iron that suits the Traditional product line. 


Contemporary Product Line - Irons

Shown below are four steam irons representing different price points and available on the market today. These irons are only recommended for our Contemporary line of products.  The irons listed below are not well-suited for ironing centers in our Traditional line. For Traditional line ironing centers, we recommend the Maytag Steam/Iron M800.

For your convenience, we have tested each iron and verified that they fit across all of our new ironing center models.  Please use the dimensions provided as a guide when comparing your current iron or when shopping for a new iron.

Rowenta Steamium

Rowenta Eco Intelligence

Rowenta Steam Force

Rowenta Focus

Model # DW9080

Model # DW6080

Model # DW9280

Model # DW5080

Height:  11.4 in.

Height:  12.6 in.

Height:  11.4 in. 

Height:  11 in.

Soleplate:  5 in.

Soleplate:  5.7 in.

Soleplate:  4.9 in.

Soleplate:  4.9 in.

Base:  6 in.

Base:  7.1 in.

Base:  6 in.

Base 6 in.


IRON-A-WAY Built-in Ironing Centers

Purchase Direct:  If you prefer not to do any shopping for an iron, IRON-A-WAY now sells the Maytag M800.  We have tested this iron and believe it to be a good choice for our ironing center.  This iron is light weight and easy to move around, you can remove the water tank to refill it, and provides a great amount of steam and works just as well without steam.


Take note: Even though the dimensions of your iron can be the same as the examples above, the molded mid-section can vary between irons. Some iron's outside molding are shaped more full-bodied and do not fit as nicely as other irons with a less full-bodied design.


Iron Storage Tip:  Place your iron inside the hot iron storage of your new unit so the soleplate is facing the heatshield. Next, place your hand inside the handle and angle the iron as far back as it can go to the back of the unit.  Your iron's soleplate is now stored at an approximate 30/45 degree angle.  When returning the board to its stored position, this placement creates less contact with the angled nose of the ironing board; allowing for the door to close properly.