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Frequently Asked Product Questions

What type of wood do you use in making your ironing centers?

The cabinet frame is made of poplar and the door is dependent upon the what you select. (i.e. Oak, Maple, Pine.) We use poplar for both its ease of use in construction, but also its ability to match color when staining doors of other wood species (i.e. Oak, Maple, Pine.)

Where is the electrical outlet to plug in the iron?

The electrical outlet is at the bottom of the raceway where it is out-of-sight and more conveniently placed when using your ironing center.

Can I add an electrical raceway to my non-electric model?

You can add our electrical raceway to a model NE-342 but not to our Model NE-242. Additionally, by adding any other kind of electrical parts (other than an IRON-A-WAY raceway) to either model nullifies your warranty and we are not responsible for any damage it may cause to your ironing center or your home.

What is the recommended size of the light bulb?

We recommend a 30R20 with a standard base and 2 1/2" diameter. This bulb is available at most stores that sell light bulbs.

Does all the door hardware come with the no-door option?

No door hardware comes with the no-door option since it's assumed that the installer will desire to match other cabinet door hardware.

Can you paint either the white flat or white raised panel door?

Painting either the white flat or white raised panel door is not recommended. The flat birch door is recommended when painting a flat style door and when painting a raised panel door the determination is made on the desired grain of wood. Each door will show a slightly different texture. Oak has a more open grain, Maple more closed and Pine a softer wood.

What irons fit into the ironing center?

The ironing centers being produced today contain an oversized storage area and hold the majority of irons being sold today. If you own an ironing center that was purchased many years ago, given the changes in the styles of steam irons, please contact our customer service for specific iron models that will store within your ironing center.

Is the hot iron rest different from the hot iron storage?

The hot iron rest is a feature that allows you a place to rest the iron while turning your garment. The hot iron storage is the place where you store your iron when you are ready to fold-up the board and close the door.

What type of material is the cover and pad?

Both the cover and the pad are heavy duty and industrial grade designed for years of use. The cover is a 50/50 poly/cotton blend manufactured with a silicone finish designed for steam irons. The pad is a 21 oz needle punch material that provides a level of cushioning preferred by our customers over the years.  The cover should never be washed in your washing machine.  Use only water to remove any residue or build up on the pad. 

Note:  Once you cut the drawstrings and remove the cover and pad from the ironing board, you will no longer be able to re-attach properly.  The remaining string will not be long enough to provide the necessary tightening for a proper fit.

What are the electrical requirements?

All electrical models are rated at 120V ac, 1500W max, 15 amps.

Does the swivel board turn in both directions?

When the ironing board is lowered, the swivel allows the board to turn 90 degrees in either direction until the board is parallel with the wall. Additionally, there are conveniently placed stopping points as the board is being turned.