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Individual Model Decsription Page

Welcome to IRON-A-WAY's E-Catalog. This section has been added for your convenience in downloading a PDF file of a specific model.  Each sheet contains detailed information you can print as reference or take with you when inquiring about the product at a nearest dealer.  Please click on the model link for the information you need.

Ironing Centers

A-46 Only
A-42 Only
AL-42 Only
E-342 Only
NE-342 Only
NE-242 Only
Full Product Line Brochure

*Note: Specification Sheets are provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format.

Click Here for a free download of Adobe Reader.

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Feb, 15 1
Pressing costs between $3 to $5 per garment. At about 5 outfits per week can add up to $25 or more or $1300 per year. By investing one time in a quality built-in ironing center and ironing your own clothes, the product is paid for within six months and you will save dramatically on future dry cleaning expenses. This is not to mention gas and the inconvenience of dropping and picking up your garments.
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