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For more than 58 years, IRON-A-WAY has been manufacturing built-in ironing centers.

As early as the 1920’s, built-in ironing boards were common in many homes around the United States. These boards were typically built on the job site by the builder and made completely out of wood.
By 1925, established millwork distributors offered dealers the opportunity to provide builders the product rather than building them on the jobsite. These manufacturers represented the beginning of the “ironing center industry” as we know it today.
Beginning in 1956, IRON-A-WAY started its distribution to the commercial market. Overtime, the product line became widely acceptable for use in the residential market as well. IRON-A-WAY was committed to continually develop their product line by incorporating innovative features to redefine and surpass the old fashion way of ironing. One revision was increasing the length of the ironing board from 36” to 42”. In fact this 42” size has become the industry standard.
By 1973, the Aristocrat of Ironing Centers (Model A-46) debuted at the National Association of Home Builders Tradeshow in Houston, Texas. Its 46” adjustable ironing board with timer controlled electricity was the first of its kind and became the standard by which all built-in ironing boards were compared. Throughout the remaining years of that decade demand continually grew. As many dealers pioneered our product line with high-end appliances, it wasn’t long before built-in ironing centers by IRON-A-WAY became the industry preferred.
By the 1980’s, IRON-A-WAY’s product demand had reached a meaningful level and throughout the 1990’s IRON-A-WAY continued its growth by educating architects, builders, and consumers in an effort to widen distribution. The 2000’s conveyed the incredible growth of the internet and formal construction of our website.
In 2010 and beyond, IRON-A-WAY continues its dedication to improve its value to its customers and improve its product line to remain as the leading manufacturer of quality built-in ironing centers.  For the past couple of years, IRON-A-WAY has concentrated its efforts on consumer feedback. Beginning in 2015, IRON-A-WAY will be introducing a more simplified product line implementing what consumers have recommended.